Are you an event organizer or marketer looking for a better website? You can now use Shopify to sell tickets online for your foundation or organization! Read more!


Shopify is a website platform that allows businesses to create ecommerce websites. The platform covers everything from web hosting and the way your online store looks to the option to accept and process payments, support, analytics, and more. They operate on monthly fees, offering various ecommerce plans with a different set of features. The cheapest Shopify plan costs $29/month and comes with all the features you need to build and run an online ticket store.

Shopify allows you to design an online ticket store and sell tickets online for your foundation or organization. If you are an event organizer or marketer and you are looking for a better website, Shopify is the solution you need. If you are organizing an art event before the Holidays and now you need a website to promote your event and sell tickets online directly, Shopify can help you out.

We recommend you to use Shopify because it is not only helpful when selling online, but when selling in-person as well. If you want to sell some of your tickets online and the rest at door before the event, you can use Shopify POS system. If your event includes in-person contact, you can have your sales team on their iPads or iPhones selling your tickets immediately.

Lots of buyers request a tax receipt. Say no more! The free apps you can find in Shopify App Store can help you automatically send tax receipts to your purchasers.

Ecommerce solution Shopify is constantly updating its services and features and your monthly fee covers all new updates. You can count on 24/7 professional support for editing and managing your website. Switching to Shopify platform means keeping up with the latest technology while keeping the features you need to run your online tickets store.

Planning to organize promotions and sales? Shopify platform can definitely handle increased traffic and all types of promotions. Use the festive time to encourage people to purchase your tickets for the upcoming events.

There are lots of great apps you can use to stimulate ticket sales and transform your store visitors into active buyers.

Contact the Shopify team to discuss e commerce plans and packages or start your two-week free trial to ensure that Shopify is indeed the best platform you need to sell tickets online for your foundation.